Match Report
Bilton Grange Boys-U11B vs  Winchester House School Boys-U11A
On: Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

What I know for certain from today’s match was that 30+ boys enjoyed a good afternoon of competitive rugby.

WHS could only field one team this year so we agreed to split the game into four quarters versus our A and B team. This also allowed a number of players to have the chance to play in the A team as well as some A team players playing in the B team to support and add strength, ensuring meaningful quarters of rugby

There was a genuine togetherness in the BG teams and I was pleased to see all players giving their best on the pitch. There are a number of special mentions that I would like to give but the stars of the show go to Fred and Charlie L. I was so impressed with Charlie and Fred’s tackling and running skills in the B team and they really stood out as fantastic examples of how to commit and make a difference.

Particular congratulations also go to Arran, Harry, Gabriel, George and Robin who all made their debut for the A team at some point in the afternoon and I know many of them achieved personal goals. It was also great to see Sam T attack wide and his change of pace and step was great to watch. There was a lot of all-round team support play and I hope the performances made by many will inspire others to raise their game.

I know some of the boys from the B team were a bit concerned about playing the WHS A team but I commend all effort and determination given to steel themselves and try their best. It is sometimes hard to have the confidence to make that tackle or believe in one’s own running ability but finding that inner strength to commit must always be encouraged.

There were times today where we dominated and adjustments were made to ensure balance and times when we strengthened a team if WHS dominated. Fundamentally, balance was found to ensure a successful afternoon of meaningful rugby. So often, I find that the purpose of playing competitive sport at this age is lost within the win/loss column but I could not have been prouder of all BG players in their performance and I know all players (from both teams) enjoyed the afternoon.

Although I did not keep score, I was reliably informed that the results were as follows:

1st Quarter WHS v BG ‘As’- BG won 5-1

2nd Quarter QHS v BG ‘Bs’ - WHS won 4-0

3rd Quarter WHS v BG ‘As’ - BG won 2-1

4th Quarter WHS v BG ‘Bs’ - WHS won 2-0

It is not really possible to compile this into a final score but perhaps a draw illustrates that the result was not really that important

May I thank all the parents who came to watch; it has given me much pleasure this term to have your company on the sidelines. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Miss Retter for successfully refereeing and for the encouragement and skill she continues to offer the B team and to Mr Leppan for keeping boys warm today whilst they were waiting to play

Well done, BG.